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لدينا حلول لكل ما تحتاجه لتغليف منتجاتك​

We provide selective solutions for grains and seeds packaging companies.

  • We provide the service of designing with product’s photo and expressing your own visual identity for your brand or company.

  • Our various product of containers and our special innovative designs will assure the rise of your sales and insure you a bigger market share.

  • Plastic bags, paper bags, plastic jars and metal containers.

  • We obtain a wide collection of pre-prepared non-printed bags with different textures to suit your needs.

  • We also provide the service of making special stickers for each product in the case of ordering a small quantity of non-printed bags.

  • We provide printing solutions for trademark printing in small quantities.


جرار بلاستيك


جرار البلاستيك بأغطية معدنية 1


علب الورق


جرار البلاستيك بأغطية معدنية 2


الأكياس البلاستيكية


الأكياس الورقية

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